Understand the situation before taking action:

In our day to day lives we face lots of situations. How we act to those situations defines us but we must remember to examine a situation before acting or we will be caught off guard. Read the following situations and then see if you can determine the reasoning behind the action. Continue reading

How do our “egos” effect ourselves?

noun \ˈē-(ˌ)gō also ˈe-\

The opinion that you have about yourself.

psychology : a part of the mind that senses and adapts to the real world

I think that adolescents, and people in general, all have an “ego” which greatly effects their actions throughout the day. We may have different types of “egos” like intelligence, sports, beauty, and popularity related as well as “egos” based on feelings like an aggressive, depressed, or  self-righteous ego. Fact is, everyone has an ego of some kind.

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Why do teenagers care so much about the opinions of other people?

Why do teenagers care so much about the opinions of other people? I am currently a freshmen in high-school. As of this post we are two months into school. Personally I feel that people should be allowed to do what ever it is they want and not be controlled by the social norm or what other people think of their views,interests, and beliefs.

Constantly I see people worrying about what others think. Its stupid. Why should I care if my clothes are name brand or not? Why should I care if my jacket has a video game insignia on it? I will do what I want and try to not be influenced by the social norm.
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